About Us

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This is usually the place where you might expect us to wax lyrical about ourselves. The truth is we’re more interested in you than we are in us.

Because if you have decided you want to host a wedding reception, you’ll want to work with wedding decorators who are prepared to listen really carefully to the look and feel you want to create that’s right for you and your guests.

Our way is start with you rather than us and to tease out your vision, styles and budgets you have in mind. You may have some early thoughts about what you might like, or you might prefer a blank piece of paper to talk through options with us.

We started Velvet Lotus when we reflected on our experience of arranging our own wedding and we’ve created the wedding décor company that we wished we had been able to work with when it was our turn to do the rounds and meet potential suppliers.

Because that’s our starting point, you’ll find us eager to discuss and create a bespoke solution that’s right for you (and not what’s right for us.)

Our two founding principles

  1. Be honest, clear and fair in our dealings with all the people we come into contact with – our clients, our team and the venues. We’ll say if we think we are the right people for you. And, refreshingly, we’ll say if we think we might not be right too – and do our best to suggest alternatives.
  2. Provide the best possible service to our clients – from the big things like identifying the right décor solution to meet their needs, to the small things like responding to emails and phone calls promptly. Because the small things can become big things if they aren’t done properly.


What’s Velvet Lotus got to do with Indian Wedding decorations?

The lotus flower is significant in different cultures. It emerges from a murky pond and is associated with purity, beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity.

And ‘velvet’ because it’s a word so rich in meaning/quality that you can imagine touching and seeing it.

Combine the two words together and we created Velvet Lotus. A contemporary name with its roots proudly placed in Eastern culture. We like to think the name reflects the best of both worlds – something we can dial up or down depending on what’s right for your wedding.


Call or email us for further information on any of our services – we are here to help your wedding events look the very best they can.