Indian Wedding Centrepieces

Wedding Centrepieces are not just there to look pretty for your guests whilst they share the big day with you, there is much more to them and have a big impact on first impressions.

The table centrepiece needs to be chosen very carefully, and must compliment your venue décor.  If you have high ceilings, the centrepiece needs to be tall and have more of a presence.  If you have low ceilings and the venue already has a considerable amount of decoration, then be careful of decoration over kill and clashing with the venue décor.

The lighting in the room also impacts the effect of the centrepiece.  If you have lots of natural light, then flowers can be a beautiful way of complimenting the décor.  Many Asian wedding receptions are a much more relaxed affair, with the food and drink available throughout the evening, with the DJ doing what a DJ does best, getting everyone to strut their stuff, good and bad!  For the DJ’s lighting to have the best effect, natural light needs to be absent, leaving the room lit by a light show.  This requires a different tact for centrepieces.  Here, centrepieces with subtle integrated lighting provide the best affect, so not to clash with the DJ’s carefully choreographed light show, but still providing the much loved ‘wow’ factor, but this can include some flowers.  Modern technology allows for much greater creative freedom.

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