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Top 5 tips on event decor

When you are responsible for decor of a big event, with so much to consider, it can be tricky knowing what to focus on. So here are our top five tips for making sure the occasion looks as stylish as you had wished for.


  1. In choosing the venue, know from the start that you’ll be working with what the room has to offer. A day time event with lots of natural light may well lend itself to fresh flowers and well placed décor details. An evening event, or one in a naturally darker room will lend itself to décor with more light effects, such as table centerpieces with integrated LED lighting. Work with your venue’s strengths and play to those with your décor choices.


  1. Sweat the big stuff. And centrepieces are right up there as having a huge impact.  Your guests will be hard-pressed to avoid them and they need to be right for you and right for the occasion. They come in all shapes, sizes and budgets so be open to the idea of spending a bit more in areas where you can have biggest impact.


  1. Work with someone you connect with. Life’s too short to work with people you don’t trust in shaping the look of your event. Chemistry and openness count for a lot but so does being able to deal with people who are prompt and professional.


  1. Have a rough idea of what you want to spend on décor. It doesn’t have to be exact, but number of guests, tables and a ballpark budget from you will act as a sensible starting point.


Yes, it’s a big occasion and there’s a lot of riding on it but, if you can, remember to take time to enjoy it!

Indian Wedding Centrepieces

Wedding Centrepieces are not just there to look pretty for your guests whilst they share the big day with you, there is much more to them and have a big impact on first impressions.

The table centrepiece needs to be chosen very carefully, and must compliment your venue décor.  If you have high ceilings, the centrepiece needs to be tall and have more of a presence.  If you have low ceilings and the venue already has a considerable amount of decoration, then be careful of decoration over kill and clashing with the venue décor.

The lighting in the room also impacts the effect of the centrepiece.  If you have lots of natural light, then flowers can be a beautiful way of complimenting the décor.  Many Asian wedding receptions are a much more relaxed affair, with the food and drink available throughout the evening, with the DJ doing what a DJ does best, getting everyone to strut their stuff, good and bad!  For the DJ’s lighting to have the best effect, natural light needs to be absent, leaving the room lit by a light show.  This requires a different tact for centrepieces.  Here, centrepieces with subtle integrated lighting provide the best affect, so not to clash with the DJ’s carefully choreographed light show, but still providing the much loved ‘wow’ factor, but this can include some flowers.  Modern technology allows for much greater creative freedom.

The Fabric of India at the V & A museum, London, influencing Indian wedding decorations.

The Fabric of India – now on at the V & A

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum has just opened a three-month long exhibition showcasing India’s amazing hand-made textiles through the centuries, the Fabric of India exhibition.


It’s a reminder of the wealth of creativity, craftsmanship and design that our Indian heritage is renowned for across the globe. The exhibition shows off fabric and textiles from the third century right to the present day, where today’s generation of designers are adapting traditional techniques fit for the 21st century.


If you think of Indian weddings in this context you might think of the outfits that get worn on the day. But for us, it inspires new ideas for Indian Wedding decorations, everything from the backdrops to Mehndi decorations, and reminds us of the simplicity of the chair covers and sashes.


Fabric and its texture and beauty can really lift your wedding decorations because they offer a richness and depth that really stands out in a world of straight lines and hard edges. It can soften a look. It can create a feeling of opulence. Of heritage. That’s the versatility of fabric that means it shouldn’t be under-estimated when you’re planning your wedding décor.


Get in touch if you want to chat through any ideas.

excel exhibition hall

National Asian Wedding show 2015

The National Asian wedding show is upon us, 10th and 11th October, at the Excel in London.  This is a great place to see what’s new for 2016 and an excellent place to plan your wedding decorations, and of course, we will be there.

We at Velvet Lotus have planned our 2016 Indian Wedding Decorations, and some of our previous blogs give you an insight to the new themes, complimenting our traditional styles that always prove popular.  It is always great to see our colleagues using their artistic licence to create some amazing visual effects.

If you are getting married next year, a visit is strongly recommended.

Moroccan theme mehndi

Indian wedding decorations Moroccan theme

Indian wedding decorations are taking the best of nearby cultures and creating a look that’s really distinctive.

Moroccan style is all about bold colours, geometric patterns, tea light lanterns – and it taps into something that’s right on trend, and also fuses beautifully with contemporary Indian styles.

It’s sure to last into 2016 too and we’re happy to talk you through different styles and options to suit your budget, if you are looking for Indian wedding decorations Moroccan theme.

In the meantime, more proof if it was needed about how popular fusing cultures in design and décor has become can be found here at John Lewis and at bridal musings.

indian wedding blog

Blogs to inspire your Indian wedding decoration

Let’s face it. After the initial euphoria of getting engaged, reality can bite. When and where to get married? How many people to invite? What kind of look to go for? How many miles to travel to recover from the experience?!

Indian wedding decoration – part of the jigsaw

We might be passionate about wedding décor but we know that there are lots of things that need to be set in motion for the big day.  So if you are looking for inspiration, you could get started by clicking through to Indian wedding blogs which shows the top 3, or go straight to Maharani Wedding blog.

Call 0203 034 9355 to chat through Indian wedding décor options

And if you want specific help with your wedding decorations, we’d love to chat things through with you.

You can reach us here

Name trend outlasts indian wedding décor trend!

No we’re not talking about your taste in Indian wedding décor trends, or name trends. We’re actually highlighting a new trend for a groom to take his bride’s surname.  Check out the BBC article.

Whilst we’ve noticed many more women holding onto their own surnames after marriage – particularly at work – we are yet to see any men taking their bride’s family name.

Such big decisions – it makes choosing indian wedding décor seem very straightforward by comparison.

Indian wedding décor inspiration

Wedding season is upon us but that’s not any reason for us to stop looking ahead. That’s why even at this busy time of year, so many of us realise that before we know it, the cycle of Asian wedding shows will begin again.

Where there used to be one or two, there are now many to choose from and dotted all over the country. And whilst the big ones aren’t always cheap – to exhibit at or to visit – they are a great place to pull lots of ideas and Indian wedding decor inspiration into one place. Asian wedding décor has come a long way, so perhaps attending a Wedding Show will help you give you the inspiration you need to think through your own wedding wish list.

We will keep you updated about the upcoming wedding shows so you can pinpoint the ones that might work well for you. First up in the dates for your calendar is the biggie – the National Asian Wedding Show at the Excel in London on the weekend of 10-11 October 2015.


Diary of an Indian wedding decorator

So the sunniest April on record has departed. As well as being unseasonably warm, April brings with it an increasing number of Indian weddings before the traditional summer rush for Indian wedding decorators.

Not too late to book your Indian Wedding decoration

But we know that from now on, we’re in the season of last minute bookings. It’s not too late to contact us for a chat. We’d love to talk through the plans you have for your wedding and help guide you through the maze of Indian wedding décor.

And no wedding day is complete without the bride’s statement hairstyle. We’ve spotted a few we admire here and we wanted to share them while there was still time for brides to put them to the test in the all-important hair (and make up) trials!

Game of thrones dress

Game of Thrones meets Indian wedding themes

You know the Indian wedding look is mainstream when it takes just a short step in imagination to picture the Game of Thrones characters in Indian wedding outfits.

The folks behind the wed me good blog are as addicted as we are to the new series. But behind the fun, it’s a reminder of just how popular and accessible Indian culture, style and clothes have become. Some of the clothes may start off on a catwalk but they soon translate into what we’re wearing on the big day.

Indian wedding décor

The same can be said of Indian wedding décor. And Indian wedding themes in particular. What starts off at the luxury end of the market, can very easily and very quickly be translated into something that we can deliver for weddings where there isn’t a blank cheque to fund the day. The look and feel you want from your wedding décor is the starting point for our conversations with you. And the end point is wedding décor that hits your brief and your budget.

Along the way, we might even meet a few couples whose brief reads: Game of Thrones meets Indian weddings.